The Life-Changing Psychedelic Experiences of 9 Celebrities

The Life-Changing Psychedelic Experiences of 9 Celebrities

The number of celebrities that are open about their use of psychedelics is quite long, and it’s only growing. Some of the biggest names in the movie scene, in music, and entertainment have spoken about how their use of psychedelics has changed their lives. Some have even credited the psychedelics they’ve consumed with some big moments and impact in their lives, and how these substances played big parts in changing their views on the world and their careers. We have curated some of the top celebrities and what they have to say about their psychedelic experiences. Before we go into that though, be sure to check out Medusa to buy shrooms Canada.

1. Steve Jobs: An entrepreneur and tech icon, Steve Jobs spoke about the impact of his use of psychedelics in his biography written by Walter Isaacson. He said that LSD showed him another side of life and it reinforced what he saw as important in his life. It pushed him to create great things instead of just chasing money and to put things into the stream of human history as much as he possibly could. 

2. Seth Rogen: There are not too many celebrities that are as open about their use of psychedelics as Seth Rogen. He’s been through many incredible psychedelic experiences, but he does not see the use of drugs as just for fun and games. He spoke about magic mushrooms being very introspective and causing you to look much deeper into your soul. He has confessed that he does not use psychedelics as much recently, but the drugs still retain a very influential part of his life and work. 

3. Mike Tyson: The “baddest man on the planet” is one of the realest people you can have a conversation about psychedelics with. He chews through grams of magic mushrooms like it’s nothing and he’s very open and honest about the role of psychedelics in his life. He has spoken about psychedelics making him much more objective and sensitive to the things around him. He has credited the revival of his career to psychedelics and even said that the substances saved his life. You can also have a life-changing psychedelic experience by visiting Medusa to buy shrooms online.

4. Rosie Perez: Unfortunately for Rosie, her first experience with psychedelics was unplanned and unintentional. She drank a couple of spiked glasses of punch at a nightclub in the 80s, and she had some wild hallucinations. She said the floors began to move like water in the ocean, and the walls began to expand. She later realized that she was high on acid and started praying for God not to punish her because she was high on the substance. After her experience, she began to think and decided to go to therapy to deal with some issues she had with her upbringing. However, regardless of how her experience turned out, you must remember that it is illegal and sheer evil to dose someone with psychedelics without their knowledge and consent. If you do want magic mushrooms for your personal use, you can buy shrooms online from Medusa.

5. Carrie Fisher: Fisher’s stories about her experiences with LSD always seemed to be very interesting and often hilarious. One of the stories involved her topless on a beach in Seychelles. But it wasn’t always for fun, because she spoke about how much LSD helped her cope with the pressure she faced from being famous. Her LSD experiences happened before her substance use turned to the dark side. She recounted having some great experiences with mushrooms and acid, but one drug she said she wish she had avoided is heroin.

6. Anaïs Nin: One of the pioneers of women’s erotica, Anaïs Nin was a notable presence in the world of psychedelics in the 1950s. She often spoke about how her psychedelic experiences helped to boost her academics and her creativity. In her diary, she spoke about how her first LSD experience transformed her view on many things. She was delighted about the experience, but she was still cautious because of the scientific method that was being used to study these psychedelics and their effects. 

7. Reggie Watts: In an article for Forbes, Watts spoke about his previous experiences with psychedelics and how it helped to open his mind up to a lot more in the universe and how it made him understand himself much better. He also spoke about how his experiences with psychedelics caused some major lifestyle changes for him. He became a vegetarian because of it and also started getting into sacred geometry. He began researching about aliens and consciousness and other things related to that. He has now settled and is taking more cannabis than psychedelics. He takes mushrooms every few years, but you can take your magic mushrooms as frequently as you wish especially with the amazing 22% discount that Medusa is offering when you buy shrooms Canada above $150. 

8. Susan Sarandon: This acting legend has been pushing for the change of drug policy for many years. She is quite new to magic mushrooms but she used to get LSD straight from Timothy Leary back in the day. She said the acid she got was pure and she does not like chemicals or feeling speedy. She has spoken about the benefits of having a good attitude when engaging in these substances. She has iterated the need to be prepared before you take them, and also not take them when you have important responsibilities to tend for. Basically, she said, don’t be high if you’re in a place where you need to pretend that you’re not!

9. Miley Cyrus: This is one of the younger celebrities to come out openly about her use of psychedelics. She once revealed that her use of “a lot of drugs” is what caused her to split from her alter ego, Hannah Montana. She eventually evaluated her use of the substances but said it did not change how much of an impact using ayahuasca had on her and her life. She still loves what it did for her, and believes it is a healing substance, and it’s great that you can easily buy shrooms online

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