Surviving a Bad Trip

Surviving a Bad Trip

Tripping can be an amazing, magical, and often spiritual experience, but it could also be sad and difficult to get through. A trip can be filled with anxious moments, sadness, and confusion, and it can lead to some suppressed emotions and memories coming up to the surface of your mind. You could even get stuck up in a ‘negative thought loop’ which is a seemingly never-ending loop of negative feelings and thoughts. However, there are certain actions you can perform to prevent this negativity from building, regardless of who you’re tripping with. Hopefully, when you follow these steps, you will be able to deal with any challenging experiences with ease. You can buy shrooms Canada from Medusa and even get a great discount when you use the discount code WELCOMEMEDUSA22 on any order above $150.

1. Breathe: This might sound very simple, but intentionally trying to breathe during a bad trip could be life-saving. When you begin to face challenges during the trip, you should try to focus on your breathing and exhale longer than you inhale. You can also hold onto something sturdy to keep you grounded while you breathe. If you are a regular practitioner of yoga or other meditation exercises, you can try to do some light exercises to keep you calm and in the moment. Also actively try to remind yourself that you just took psychedelics and this state is only a temporary part of the experience. 

2. Accept: During trials at psychedelic clinics, the guides usually ask the volunteers to yield themselves completely to the experience, especially if it comes with challenges. So, the point where you feel close to death and almost crazy is when you should embrace the psychedelics even more. It is highly important that you accept the challenges instead of trying to fight through them. You should be compassionate and curious about these negative thoughts or feelings. Loosen yourself and surrender to the psychedelic experience. It could get transcendent very quickly, you never know. Magic mushrooms and other psychedelics have a great spiritual and transcendent effect and you can enjoy these effects when you buy shrooms online from Medusa. Just click here to visit their website. 

3. Change the setting: Psychedelics increase your sensitivity to your environment so changing your scenery can have a significant impact on how you feel. If you are facing challenges accepting a particular memory or experience, it is not mandatory that you just sit with it in one spot throughout your trip. One great and effective way to help change your mood is by changing your scenery. You can move outdoors if you’re indoors, or even just walk from one room to another. Changing the lighting around you or even putting some different music on in the background can make you feel like you’ve moved on from that experience in your trip to the next one. The change can even be as simple as taking off your shoes and planting your feet directly on the ground. Anything you can do to cause a difference in your physical environment could cause a significant change to your trip.

4. Prepare distractions: In life, you will usually get asked to get rid of all distractions, but during a bad trip you need a distraction to get your mind away from the challenges and experiences. Experienced psychonauts usually have a couple of activities that could serve as distractions for them if they start having negative thoughts. It could be listening to music, drawing, or just experimenting with objects of different textures. You should have all you need prepared before you even start tripping. It does not need to be anything big, just something that will help get your mind off the negative thoughts and feelings. So, if you face any such moments during the trip, you can easily just get one of the distractions that you have prepared and it would probably steer your trip away to a much better place. To buy shrooms Canada, you can visit Medusa and enjoy their 22% discount with the code WELCOMEMEDUSA22.

5. Speak out: If you’re struggling with challenges during a trip, then you should be quick to tell your friends, guide, or trip sitter around you that you need some help. If your friends are also on a trip, then you don’t have to say too much because it could bring them down. Still, you should try to reach out and let them know that you’re struggling. You can get close to them and get into a comfortable posture, even possibly switching the conversation to something that would calm you down. Physical touch and human connection are extremely powerful and they can help to get you out of any negativity. If you are scared that your trip could take a wrong turn and be full of negative feelings, or you want to face something negative specifically through your trip, then it is advisable that you get a trip sitter or experienced guide when you buy shrooms online to help prevent you from feeling scared or confused. You can ask your trip sitter for help if you feel the challenges are becoming too intense. Their sheer presence should be enough to help you get through that rough period. These are just a few tips to help you steer clear of a bad trip. Psychedelics are powerful substances, but there is still a lot to enjoy from them, and you can buy shrooms online from Medusa. They work to source the best selection of magic mushrooms and cannabis products to satisfy their customers. Medusa also has a discount offer of 22% off any order when you buy shrooms Canada of at least $150 by using the discount code WELCOMEMEDUSA22. Happy shopping and happy tripping!

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