Silicon Valley Microdoses to Enhance their Careers

Thinking about how the programmers which were at the tech company known as the Silicon Valley were able to perform excellently in the tech world, it became clear that they depended on microdosing magic shrooms. These psychedelic substances were reported to be very helpful in the programming activities of these guys. Thye helped them do a lot of groundbreaking things from making them capable of thinking creatively, to having improved performance. These substances were also testified to allow them to foster a smooth and healthy relationship with one another. It became clear that these tech workers had a real change of views about things. To them, the effects of magic mushrooms are thrilling. For more about Silicon valley, click here, 

A large number of people who had had a taste of psychedelics haven’t been silent about the calm and soothing effects they offer them anytime they consume them. These testimonies have brought magic mushrooms to the limelight, and they keep climbing the ladder of famousness. Some individuals reported that psychoactive substances make them develop several skills to solve many problems in life. They explained further that these substances broaden their minds, and help them think outside the box, which results in being able to come up with solutions to their problems. These people in the tech industry said microdosing psychedelics was their way of experiencing all kinds of positive feelings they enjoyed that enabled them to remain on top of their games. They emphatically noted that low doses of these substances are therefore advised to avoid the hallucinatory part of the experience. When you use doses above the microdosing dosage regimen, then you tamper with the calm effects that they offer. Anything above the level of microdosing, will reduce your productivity level. A good number of studies have been carried out, and they all point in the same direction that small doses of psychoactive compounds can offer good and health benefitting effects when consumed. Buy shrooms online only with by visiting us at,

Use of Microdoses of Psilocybin-containing Psychedelics in reducing the stress Levels in humans

Tech guys spend a good part of their time doing creative things that will end up running them down, mentally, this creates a major reason why they have sought help from microdosing psychedelics. They found out that this treatment has helped immensely in controlling their stress level, and has helped them remain mentally fresh at every opportunity they have to use them. Amidst the great tech guys we have there at Silicon Valley, most of them are above 35 years of age, so they have determined to do anything that will enable them to remain strong, relevant, and always competitive. The life there in Silicon Valley is indeed draining as the hustle and bustle are always on the increase with the dawn of another day, so the need for meditation retreats in which psilocybin magic shrooms have been implicated. The idea of not being willing to age has become commonplace among the working class, and most of them in this group have resolved to use magic mushrooms because they have been proven to help boost their performance level. people tending towards older ages want to remain fit in the corporate world, partly because the employers of labor believe that older age groups won’t be capable of making their businesses fly. Even the people in the media world believe strongly in the younger generations, they thought about the vigor, freshness, and strength that are well distributed in them, so, they want to make sure these are instrumental in their businesses. All of these have microdosing shrooms become a common practice among the tech workers, coupled with the relief and calmness they provide, not to mention the dope mental look they offer.

Silicon Valley becoming completely shrooms Freaks

There is a huge switch from Adderal to microdosing magic shrooms by the top and low-tech guys at silicon valley. They said much about the ability of these substances capability to cause them to decipher tough issues that ordinarily they wouldn’t be able to when not under the effects of psychedelics. The usual practice was that they take small doses of psilocybin-containing mushrooms or even LSD, they found out that that dosage was enough to help them focus better on their job. Also, they realized that they started to become more creative than ever before in their field. It’s important to note that the doses they took weren’t enough to make them hallucinate. Another caution is to be sure that you conscientiously calculate your psilocybin dose before consumption, and have it in the back of your mind that the dosage regimen varies with individuals.

Many factors determine the number of psychedelics to be used; firstly, the type of magic mushrooms you have chosen to use, your total body mass, if or if not you are taking your shrooms alongside another another thing, whether food or fluids. Typically, about 0.02-0.01 of microdosing psychoactive substances are not sufficient to produce any productive effects. When an average individual uses about 0.1 grams to 0.5 grams are enough to initiate some beneficial effects. The microdosers at Silicon Valley stuck to a regular weekly based schedule of microdosing LSD or psilocybin mushrooms. They did this to ensure that they maintained an efficient and effective use of these substances to avoid developing tolerance against any of them. To achieve this, some routine knowledge ai required; starting with a first microdose amount in the morning to initiate initial psychedelic effects. The second and third days are psilocybin-free days because some of the psychedelic effects are still in action. On the fourth day, there should be another round of microdosing magic mushrooms in the early hours of the day.

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