Making Psilocybin Mushroom Tea

Psilocybin can be enjoyed through different ways of consumption. Psilocybin tea is very strong and has many health nourishing benefits. To better experience psilocybin mushrooms and also explore their full capability of causing deep introspection in individuals who consume them, you can decide to take them in form of tea. Other ways to explore the advantages of psilocybin include directly eating them or consuming them in capsule form, but when you make yourself a hot cup of mushroom tea, you have just decided to nourish your body’s serotonin level. the period at which you prepare psilocybin tea can also be seen as a time of ritual or a time when you contemplate. It is also a time when you prepare yourself for the kind of experience you want after you have taken the tea. It is also possible that you don’t have the luxury of time for this ceremonious preparation, you can as well take your tea with ice. Making psilocybin tea is never difficult, clicke here for a succinct tutelage,

What difference does tea maker in the psychedelic experience?

There is a marked difference between taking a shrooms tea and other forms of taking mushrooms. When magic mushrooms are consumed raw, taken as capsules, or even in form of pills, there is a high probability of feeling nauseous. While on the contrary, if magic mushrooms are consumed in form of shrooms tea, digestion is faster, and it goes smoothly on the stomach lining. This means of taking shrooms involves a process called steeping which helps you get rid of chitin before you even consume it at all. Chitin is a major component of the cell wall of fungi fibrous meaty tissue, while it is cellulose you find in vegetation. If mushrooms are not steeped before consumption, humans find it difficult to digest chitin, which gives the implication of causing nausea, a major symptom you feel when the GIT cannot digest food substances. Steeping allows the breakdown of this chitinous substance in your magic mushrooms, reasons why you should soak your shrooms inside hot water for 10-15 minutes, you can also try running your magic mushrooms through a strainer by pouring hot water on it in this way, the juice will be released from the magic mushrooms while you avoid consuming the whole fibrous tissue. Get shrooms online from us or buy shrooms at Canada by clicking ,

Psychonauts who have been much acquainted with drinking psilocybin tea have reported that psilocybin effects hit you more rapidly and sharply when you take it in the form of tea. Thye said that tripping on psilocybin comes on quickly because the hot water makes the psychedelic ingredients to be readily absorbed into the body system, and as such, your trip faster than when taken through other forms. A more resourceful idea they shared is that you should endeavor to grind your magic shrooms before passing them through hot water. this prior step makes the hot water easily permeate the psilocybin-containing magic mushrooms. This process follows the principle of increasing the surface area which makes it possible for quicker absorption, and you can also get shrooms online or buy shrooms in Canada by visiting our website at

A few steps to making your psilocybin cup of tea

The method of using hot water to extract the psilocybin component of your magic shrooms: The number one decision you have to make here is deciding your dosage. Be sure to measure out the appropriate amount of dose you want, you should use a measurement scale, and don’t use your head. The next step is to grind your mushrooms while heating your water on the other hand. Any flavor of your choice can be added to your mushrooms while grinding, make sure you choose wisely. Place your already ground shrooms inside the water to allow it to steep. After some time, drain the content into a tea cup. Introduce some amount of honey to the tea to give it a nice taste, then sit calmly and enjoy. The steps are outlined below;

  1. Add to a cup that can contain about a moderate amount of water your already chopped ginger
  2. Add to the cup containing ginger your neatly chopped magic mushrooms (it must have been carefully measured and be in the right dosage)
  3. Introduce the hot water to the cup containing the chopped mixture. It won’t be bad if you want to add any flavor of your choice to the cup of tea at this point.
  4. Leave the mixture to steep for about 12 minutes. After this time has lapsed, pour the mixture through a strainer into another cup
  5. Add honey to give it a pleasurable taste.

Lemon juice extraction method: Also here, the first step is to measure out an accurate amount of dose. Researchers of magic mushrooms have found out that lemon or orange juice is necessary to help increase the effectiveness of magic mushrooms as it is true of mango to accentuate the psychedelic effects of cannabis. So, lemon juice helps to extract almost all the psilocybin content of magic mushrooms. Most psychonauts refer to this step as lemon trekking.  The citric acid content of lemon is what is responsible for the ability of lemon to intensify the psychedelic effects of magic shrooms. The steps are highlighted underneath;

  1. Grind the measured dose of magic shrooms into a powdery form
  2. Add a sufficient amount of citric acid to the powder to the level that it covers the powder
  3. Allow it to permeate the powder by leaving it for about 20 minutes,
  4. You are free to add lavender, peppermint, or chamomile to your tea, or you can consume the mixture like that. For the video preparation, click here,

It is important to note that, psilocybin mushrooms are identified as natural hallucinogens. You will find different species of mushrooms to have different potencies. For example, Psilocybe Mexicana is commonly known to be immensely potent. Be careful to bear in mind the appropriate dosage to use when next you want to choose your species of choice for psilocybin tea.

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