Creating Recipes For Delicious Psilocybin Edibles

Because of the legalization of cannabis, there has been a large increase in the number of recipes containing weed in the last couple of years. Cooking with weed used to be limited to brownies that were often overdosed and not particularly tasty. However, the practice has now transformed into a much more careful process, with the creation of delicious and satisfying weed edibles. There are now several chefs that are trying their hands on cannabis-infused recipes to blend the medical purpose with taste.

As the prohibition on psychedelics continues to be discussed in the US and Europe, the idea of psilocybin cuisine becomes increasingly interesting. Wouldn’t it be much better to enjoy a sweet and delectable weed-infused dish instead of having to force down a couple of dry mushrooms or sipping some harsh, unpleasant tea? However, there are certain things you need to consider before you start this process, and the first is the dosage. Dosage is very important along with the mushroom quality, and you can only get the best quality psychedelics when you buy shrooms online from Medusa

Dosing Magic Mushrooms When Cooking

If you are already experienced with psychedelics, then you will probably be going into your kitchen with a good idea of what dose would work best for you. Of course, there are always several factors at play like the potency of your shroom. However, we believe that you should know your level of tolerance and have a bit of experience in dosing. 

When you buy shrooms online and cook them, it’s best to stick to the golden rule of dosing: “Start low and increase slowly”. You can always decide to take some more but taking too much is also something you should be cautious of. If your dose is low, you can trip peacefully and subtly without much fuss or even possibly any negative thoughts. Having to puke because you took a larger dose than necessary of shrooms is not a great place to be!

Consider Your Stomach When Cooking With Shrooms

Regardless of if you’re adding the psilocybin extract straight into a meal or just tossing some ground-up shrooms into your dessert, you’re putting some foodstuffs in your stomach as well as the shrooms. This is the difference between eating your shrooms together with other foodstuffs and eating them raw. Many people suffer from nausea when they take psychedelics, so you should think about that when you are creating your recipe. We noticed that adding fresh ginger usually helps to ease the sick feelings, so most of our best recipes include some ginger. You can always get some ginger after you buy shrooms Canada from Medusa

Even if you’re not a person that pukes much, you may discover that eating food containing shrooms is quite different from just eating shrooms. Your stomach is not very used to processing different things at the same time, especially when one of those things is psilocybin. This is why we advise that you start with light food like confectioneries or even smoothies. It’s best to start slow and gradually increase your dosage. 

Don’t Worry About Heat When You Cook With Magic Mushrooms 

One issue that a lot of people face when cooking with magic mushrooms is heating and how it affects the active ingredients within the substance being heated. A couple of years ago, this topic would have caused huge arguments in the psychedelic space. People’s opinions likely came from their comparison of different mushrooms from different times, as well as different species with varying levels of potency. Several factors determine the effect a shroom has on the consumer including how much food they had before taking the psychedelics and also how much rest they had. Regardless of how these factors come into play, you can still work towards having a great psychedelic experience. The first step is to buy shrooms Canada from Medusa

Because of how many factors the potency of a magic mushroom is based on, different people will usually react quite differently to the same psychedelic. These days, it is mostly accepted that heat does not cause any potential risks in terms of degrading the psilocybin. This is especially if you are cooking in a standard kitchen and for only a short period. 

Because of how difficult it is to kill off old ideas, there are still many psychonauts who actively avoid heating their shrooms for long periods when cooking them. We understand them, and it is the same reason why there are not many baking recipes that involve psilocybin mushrooms. In mushroom cooking, the best steps you can take are to start low and gradually go up, while keeping notes of your experience at each point. This does not mean that you have to be conservative when you cook. Buy shrooms online, bring out the chef in you and be as creative as you can be in the kitchen! To be creative though, you will need some magic mushrooms and there’s no better place to buy shrooms Canada than from Medusa. You can also get 22% off any order of at least $150 by using the discount code WELCOMEMEDUSA22 at checkout. 

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