Consuming Microdosed Psilocybin in the Treatment of Anxiety and Depression

Prozac got released in the late 1980s by a very drugmaker who went by the name Ely Lily. This drug was said to be a breakthrough drug in the world of mental healthcare. This drug paved way for the outset of a new era because it was reported to be a drug that is very potent when it comes to treating anxiety and depression. Patients who have undergone different therapies, but still show no signs of improvements were reported to respond positively to Prozac treatment. Another good thing about this drug is that it has minimum side effects unlike other drugs in its class. As that the 1900s, drugs used to combat these mood disorders were regarded as antidepressants, and by this time, Prozac was a major example of these drugs. Unfortunately, the story changed not many years afterward, and all the big promises earlier made about the mental health revolution were all forgotten. It is highly disappointing that from the days of Prozac till today, it’s been estimated that there is more than 70% cut in the research and synthesis of drugs that help to treat mental health problems. Also, many other drug substances that help block serotonin inhibitors have gradually left the mainstream of the psychedelic world. So, it is safe to say that Prozac is the only big thing that has happened for pharmaceuticals when it is to treating mental illnesses. Click here for more about treatment of mental disorders using shrooms, ,

This explains why there is being a significant rise in the rate at which people come down with mental disorders in recent years now. Psychiatric professionals in most developed worlds now no longer see the importance of carrying out research studies in this field again. Statistics also show us that just in 2018 alone, about 48000 individuals committed suicide in the United States. It was evident that about 50% of these victims sought medical attention but little or no help was rendered to them. Mood disorders are very rampant, and studies show that more than half of adults in the world will at some point in their lives come down with at least one in their lifetime. Anxiety and depression are the two major mental disorders that people in the world mostly experience as they go through life. Despite all these, big pharmaceutical in the world still haven’t seen any reason to rise to the occasion by showing enthusiasm towards this problem. What we still see around is stark indifference to the global problem. Many excused themselves by saying the competition existing between drugmakers have discouraged them, so, instead of developing antidepressants, they have chosen to do some lucrative drug businesses.

When asked why they stopped, another response they gave was that many of the drugs that had been used to alleviate symptoms of mental disorders do not have the kind of potency that they used to have. They stated further that when some of them were administered to mental patients, more than 40% of them didn’t show any sign of recovery. But, despite the silence that has been going on for many years on this part of health, we have seen a few researchers who have shown interest in going back to the cradle. They are looking into bringing back to the limelight some of these drugs that had been abandoned.

Ketamine, a very effective drug, whose use was as an anesthetic in the 1900s has now been approved for use in treating treatment-resistant depression. Another important angle when it comes to drugs that are very effective in treating depression is the psilocybin-containing magic mushrooms. These substances are psychoactive and they are said to have been put into use in ancient times by our forefathers in treating anxiety.

Using Psilocybin in treating Anxiety and Depression

In retrospect, the impart that the wrong notion about psychedelics had on the developments of psychedelic substances wasn’t small. The countermovement against these psychoactive substances made it unsafe for anyone to publicly talk about these drugs.  And it was a matter of time before the topic of psychedelics got completely shut out from the mainstream of society.  This was the order of things for more than 60 years. However, in the periods between 1900 and 2000, it was crystal clear that most pharmaceuticals did not have the required funds to propel any tangible development in the mental health system. So, this further establishes the fact that nothing close to a solution is even in sight.

While amidst this backdrop that had befallen these drugs and mental illnesses, a glimmer of hope has set in by the uprising of some researchers who have to awakened the dialogue bordering on the role psychedelics play in maintaining mental health. Truly, these studies are just coming up, but they have proven to be very promising in solving issues surrounding mental health.

John Hopkins hospital and Steven Ross hospital carried out two studies in 2016; they administered psilocybin-containing magic shrooms to patients suffering from anxiety and depression, and the results showed a significant reduction in depression and anxiety symptoms in these subjects. Many of these were terminally ill, so when high doses of this substance were given to them, they responded well to the drugs and were able to show positive reactions to these treatments. To further verify the validity of these treatments, Robin Cathart-Harris and other researchers in his team at the Imperial College in London carried out another study that same year, and they realized that symptoms of depression and other mental disorders were markedly reduced in them. They started showing positive results beginning from one-week post-therapy and more responses were seen after several follow-ups. They were tested after the first 3 months and 6 months of their treatments.

Not much empirical psilocybin effects have been studied, but studies show that these substances have some receptors in the amygdala where when they reach there, they cause some changes. The amygdala is that part of the brain that is responsible for processing emotions, and it is a very important region of the brain that is affected in mentally disordered individuals.

Effects of Microdosing in treating Depressive symptoms and Anxiety

Quite an incredibly beneficial effects of microdosing psychedelics exist, for instance, this dosage regimen has led to an increase in productivity and creativity, mood enhancement, ability to focus well, promoted energy levels, and so on. James Fadiman is a researcher who has a great interest in researching and collating information about this part of psychedelics. Reports and testimonies of individuals have shown that microdosing psychoactive substances have strong potential in helping to overcome anxiety and depression symptoms. Another study was carried out by administering microdoses of psychoactive compounds to rats and the results also backed up the theory that microdoses of psychedelics cause a reduction in depression and other mood disorders. It then becomes evident that microdosing of psychedelics is very effective in humans.

2019 came with a study involving 98 persons taking psychoactive substances. These people were found to experience elevated mood, wellness, soundness of mind, creativity, and mystical experiences after having a 6-week of microdoing treatment. These individuals also displayed a significant reduction in depressive symptoms and anxiety.

What the future holds for Microdosing in Mental Health.

Microdosing psychedelics indeed have a lot of blessings to offer humanity, but there is a need to loo into how we can get these drugs to the masses. The big pharmas have to think about how to make them available to people that need them for their mental health promotion. More effort is therefore advised to be put into microdosing research because it is possible that a particular psychedelic drug successfully treats a mental illness in an individual and it doesn’t in another individual, many reasons could be responsible for this phenomenon. The truth is researching microdosing psychedelics could be very robust, so, researchers should be much prepared to give it their best to be able to have a full grasp of what this concept is all about. Also, the possible adverse effects of microdosing psychedelics should be studied alongside their beneficial effects for full knowledge. Performing a double-blind study using full doses of psychedelics is almost impossible to do, and shouldn’t be practiced because of the profound effects they can have on the human body. With a microdose, there is a probability that you find it difficult to assert whether a placebo treatment has been given or not. Empirically saying, participants’ biases are significantly low with microdosing of psychedelics. Buy our shrooms online or buy shrooms in Canada by clicking this link that will take you directly to us ,

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